Accessories for furniture

Furniture accessories in Moscow — review the proposals of «TehNol» company

We offer you to buy quality accessories for furniture by wholesale and retail. There are a wide range of different functional elements and У нас fittings, which is used upon furniture and orthopedic mattresses production in our company.

What are the requirements imposed on furniture accessories?

Each year requirements for quality and other characteristics of furniture accessories increase. Upon making a choice you should not ignore the following:

  • capability — products must cope with the tasks in hand. Plant must guarantee simple and appropriate state change of certain structural furniture components;
  • durability — accessories are going to be under load while in service of furniture, that’s why they must be produced from the materials which are not subject to wear;
  • small weight — preferably that the product is going to be leight alongside with troubleproof. It allows to reduce the weight of finished product and makes the transportation easier;
  • manufacturer — there is no point to purchase the products under-the-counter. The right choice is to buy furniture accessories released under the well-known brands by wholesale or retail.

What kind of products we can offer?

In our company you can order such accessories as:

  • Spring systems. In the catalogue there are spring boxes, which is widely used for furniture and orthopedic mattresses production. The most popular among them are TFK and Multipocket (S1000, S2000). The distinctive feature of these systems is independent fixation of all the components. Each box is placed in separate pocket. As a result it is provided not only ideal stiffness of the product, but also filling compound and inner lining proofing.
  • Fittings. It is necessary for functional improvements of furniture and mattresses and for creation of their aesthetic appearance. So, it is offered mattress valves from manufacturer, which provide the finiched product with air circulation, different bolls and handles for transporting and different units opening, bound ribbon which allows to fasten seams, and many other products.

Price for furniture accessories is established at optimum level because we directly cooperate with manufacturers avoiding agents. Please, contact our managers for order making: +7 495 505-3072, +7 495 134-2834.