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«TehNol group» company — recommendable participant of engineering materials market

The priority area of our company’s business is to sell quality product that is used in furniture line of industry, dress-goods industry, medical and other industrial sectors. During the years of work in the field-specific area, we have put together the team of skilled professionals the work of which is well coordinated and efficient. They provide russian retail and wholesale customers with the necessary goods – mattresses and industrial fabrics, accessories, orthopedic filling compounds, spring loaded systems and many other things.


«TehNol» strategy – commitment to development

Regardless of the fact that since the foundation of our company, we have reached the significant gains, have essential expanded the assortment of saleable product and increased the service level, our specialist are not complacent. We constantly improve consumer services, create new partnership links, and establish the unique logistics network, which help us to minimize the transport charge and cut the price for a certain good to a sensible level.

Among our partners are several foreign producers from Italy, Poland, and Turkey at the moment. We are the official dealers of leading fabric and furniture producers. That is the reason we have the opportunity to put the high quality materials and goods on the domestic market, avoiding agents extra charges.

Besides, we are strengthening our relations with one of the major manufacturer of diverse fabric – China. Currently, our company has made an accommodation with this partner and created the stable relations with the leading factories in fabric production, nonwoven and special material production, as well as fittings for furniture and mattresses formation. The consequence of such a relation is the possibility to provide domestic furniture and garment manufactures with quality raw material and accessories.

Among our partners in the sphere of furniture manufacture are such companies as: «Dreamland», «Мооn», «Baliz», «Evanty», «Sumo Design», «Беарто».

Our goods assortment

We are glad to offer our customers the following categories of goods:

  • nonwoven materials as vellyutin, spunbond, thermal fiber, fibrotex. They are used for mattresses production, inner and outer furniture lining, as well as for single use clothes production;
  • mattress fabric, including different kinds of jacquard, cotton and knitted fabric, which is necessary for bed sheets and bedroom accessories manufacture;
  • filling materials from economic to premium class, natural and synthetical (coconut coir, Bio-coconut, latex etc.);
  • accessories and fittings for mattresses and furniture, including valves, detached spring blocks, handles and others.

Also, you can order work blank for contour pillow production, single use clothes and others. The assortment, presented in our catalogue, is going to be extended.

The advantages of cooperation with «TehNol» company

We are glad to offer you to start our partner. As far as we are concerned, we guaranty:

  • supply of high quality goods, supported by certificates and other official documents;
  • efficiency of order fulfilment, however the lot is. For this to be executed we have the entire workforce as well as material and technical resources for quick release;
  • delivery across Moscow, and transportation to any location of Russia. To minimize charges we choose an appropriate logistics route;
  • reasonable goods prices, that is reached by means of stable dealer relations with product producers. Also, we should take into consideration the discount opportunity on buying goods by large wholesale.

Limited liability Company «TehNol»
Personal tax reference number: 7717780808
OGRN: 1147746356680

We will be glad to be your faithful partner.
Please, contact «TehNol» company now: +7 495 134 2834, +7 925 505-3072.

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