Bio-coconut in Moscow: by wholesale and retail in “TehNol” company

In “TehNol” company you can purchase Bio-coconut by wholesale and retail. Large lots of this filling compound are necessary for organizations who are engaged in sleeping goods production, certain bars – for daily wants.


Distinctive features of Bio-coconut derivation

Bio-coconut is cheaper analogue of coir but it preserves high properties. This material consists of struttofiber and coconut coir in equal portions.

Finished bar is obtained by means of pressing technology. Fibers are incorporated with each other by means of thermal binding. Usage of glue is not permitted. Due to it, there is no foul smell or allergic response.

Why is it worth to purchase Bio-coconut for mattresses production by wholesale?

For sufficiently short period of stay on the market this filling compound gained a reputation of excellent product and came into widespread acceptance in orthopedic mattresses manufacture not only for adults but also for kids.

The maid advantages of Bio-coconut are:

  • capability of keeping sensible moisture exchange during the sleep period;
  • ecological cleanliness, absence of harmful materials;
  • stiffness and tension which are conditions for orthopedic goods production;
  • longevity (crush resistant material, keep its dimension, does not fray by springs).

Besides, Bio-coconut as well as another type of filling compound, Memory Form foam by wholesale, is not subject to fungus attacks.

Do you want to purchase Bio-coconut in Moscow? Please, contact us.

We guarantee our customers:

  • quality filling compounds and other goods, for example double jacquard by wholesale for mattresses production;
  • reasonable price for goods presented in our catalogue;
  • free consultancy support.

You have an opportunity to purchase Bio-coconut in bars:

  • 200*140*1
  • 200*160*1
  • 200*160*2
  • 200*160*3
  • 200*180*1

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