Filling compounds

Filling compounds for memory foam mattresses by wholesale and retail: great assortment

One of the top-priority activity areas of “TehNol” company is sale of mattress filling compounds. In our assortment there are natural and artificial high quality materials from the leading domestic and foreign producers. The filling compounds may be bought by wholesale and by retail as well.

The peculiarities of filling compound choice

If you decide to buy the filling compounds for mattresses by wholesale or do it by retail, you will ask yourself how to do the right choice. It is recommended to pay attention to the following characteristics when taking a decision:

  • The origin of material. The filling compound may be organic and artificial as well. It is also practically assured that the usage of natural and organic product is better and material for bed product is not an exception. So, if you need the filling compound for kid’s mattresses by wholesale or by retail, the choice should be made in support of natural one. In addition, the use of modern manufacturing technologies ensures high quality of the synthatical material. For the most part, they are safe, meet the highest requirements and possess excellent service life.
  • Degree of hardness. Not all the filling compounds give the possibility to adjust the finished product level of density and stiffness. Decide on what memory foam mattress you want to create and choose the certain type of material after that.
The comfort of your customers depends on your responsibility in obtainment of filling compound.

Main types of filling compounds

The modern market is notable for plenty and diversity of filling compounds that is used in the processing of mattress and other product creation (including pillows, furniture, car seats etc.). We are engaging in offtake of the most popular and quality from them.

You can order such filling compounds for mattresses by wholesale as:

  • latex coconut coir;
  • Bi-coconut;
  • roll-fed latex;
  • artificial latex;
  • foam Memory Form.

Latex coconut coir is almost completely natural material. Fibers are received from coconut and are further penetrated by special composition for improvements of elasticity. The process of extraction and cultivation is difficult enough. That is why the price of coconut coir is higher than for other filling compounds. However, the material possesses excellent properties: support sensible moisture exchange, execute orthopedic effect, is non-sensitizing, has long service life.

Bi-coconut is the cheaper coir analogue. It consists of natural fibers and struttofiber (content – 50%/50%). The mattresses from this material are quality and convenient too, and the cost of the finished products is lower.

Roll-fed latex is received by means of caoutchouc special processing. Material has the organic origin. However, there are some of the chemical components in their content for improvement the properties of the filling compound. This material is appropriate even for creation of kid’s mattresses. The finished products do not exert pressure to inactive baby’s backbone and conform to body shape.

In the process of synthetical latex manufacturing monomers styree and butadiene are used. The material is totally synthetical, but is notable for its high quality properties. With that, the price is very accessible.

Why should you purchase in “TehNol” company?

Cooperation with our company gives you a lot of benefits.

At first, there is wide assortment of goods offered to our customers. Apart from filling compounds, you can buy mattress fabric by wholesale and retail, springing blocks, fittings etc.

Secondly, we have determined acceptable prices for represented goods. Also, customers can take part in a running campaign and get a special discount.

Thirdly, our specialists are able to give an appropriate consultation and support on the subject of filling compound choice and other goods. Also, you can ask them about the ordering options peculiarities.

Full information about cooperation with our company you can receive in phone mode. Please, do not hesitate to contact us: + 7 495 134-28-34, + 495 505-46-20

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