Artificial latex

Artificial latex in Moscow — quality analogue of natural filling compound

Contacting with our company you can purchase artificial latex for mattresses production at acceptable price. We have working relationships with wholesale customers and with retail as well.

Artificial latex

The peculiarities of artificial latex

This material presents the analogue of natural latex. It is produced under the conditions of modern production capacity. It is notable for its high quality and does not apply to cheap category of filling compounds.

Artificial latex is also referred to as “Latexin” and “Asher” (from English letter combination HR). The content is totally synthetical (monomers styrene +butadiene) with no hevea juice in. However, in their properties products made with the usage of such latex, is like the products made of the natural filling compounds.

The advantages of artificial latex

The main benefits of this material are:
— Sensible combination of elasticity and stiffness. Synthetical latex possesses high density and provides sufficient body support. Mattresses with such filling compounds are perfectly for usage by the people with extra weight. Of course, artificial latex has not properties that memory foam has, but it provides adequate comfort level.
— Long period of operation life. Products with such filling compound possess substantial working life with service period up to 40 years in usual climate conditions.

Advantages of purchase in “TehNol”:
You should to make your purchase in our company for a range of reasons:

  • guarantee of high material quality;
  • comparative costs and the opportunity to take part in one of our campaign for getting a discount;
  • provision of consulting services.

Dimensions (cm):

  • 200*140*1
  • 200*140*2
  • 200*160*1
  • 200*160*2
  • 200*180*1
  • 200*180*2

Our managers can help you to make an artificial latex order by wholesale or retail. Please, contact us: +7 495 134 2834, +7 495 505 4620.