Coconut coir

Coconut coir by wholesale and retail: quality raw material in “TehNol” company

In our catalogue we present coconut coir from the producer who carefully follows the production process of this material. Product value is on sensible level. If you decide to purchase coconut coir by wholesale you will get a discount.

The peculiarities of coconut coir derivation

The process of extraction and raw material preparation is long and intensive enough, that’s why the price for this type of product cannot be low in Moscow and beyond.

This process is supposed to go through further steps:

  • coconuts gathering, which take place one month before ripening, thus there is a necessity to do it manually at a considerable height (palms reach the height of 30 meters);
  • watering coconuts in salt or desalted water, which can take from 3 weeks to 11 months;
  • separating fibers from nutshell (more often it can be executed without the usage of special equipment);
  • combing out, picking and drying of the raw material.

Coir is applied to lux and premium class products manufacture, because for mattresses production apart from filling compound such components as nonwoven materials, mattress valves, other fittings and accessories are required.

Additional processing of coconut coir

To use the obtained raw material for mattresses filling without special processing seems to be impossible. Such technologies as moulding and latex impregnation are applied to the material to make appropriate form and material properties.
In the former case, the operation is cheaper. It consists in tighten of raw material layers and their perforation with the help of special needles.

Latex impregnation involves impregnation coconut fibers with natural latex (ideal rate of coir and elastic component – 50%/50 %).

Advantages of this filling compound

In spite of sufficiently high price of coir, mattresses with such filling compound have strong demand. Among the benefits of finished product we can note the followings:

  • Naturalness and ecological compatibility – appearance of allergic response and harmful components existence are excluded;
  • High orthopedic effect – is provided because of special coir structure, its nature properties and their improvements in processing;
  • Air-retention capacity – filling compound ventilates well so the great rest is guaranteed you;
  • Long operating life – coir is not subject to decomposition and bacterios attacks, has long operation life.

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