Latex monolith

Latex monolith is used for anatomic mattresses and lounge furniture manufacturing. This material perfectly holds the body shape, ensuring proficient body support.

Latex monolith

Mattresses, made on the basis of latex monolith, are called frameless or springless. They recently come to domestic market, but rapidly grow in popularity. They are produced with the usage of innovative technologies. Each year such mattresses become more popular and many people give priority to them.

Latex monolith: to buy mattress

Latex is made of natural material -sap of hevea tree. Sap is gathered in barrel and multiply filtered. It is very important to clear the liquid from hard particles, grains, barque bits, splits. Then, received sap is oxyginated, turning to cream. It is so called soft rubber. Then, aquired agent is cured and in such a way the natural latex is appeared. Further this material is used for lounge furniture and mattresses production.

There are many properties of latex. It is elastic, solid and flexible. Also it does not consolidate and compress. During the resting time all body muscles get the sensible support, and a man fully relaxes during the sleep. Latex monolith for mattresses is practical, convenient and safety.

It is defined by the nature to spend one third of entire life asleep. Comfortable rest is very significant to a man. It is also health and good mood foundation, that’s why the most relevant thing is to equip your sleeping place with solid, steady going, orthopedic mattress. If it is disrespected, there is a major risk of insomnia, rapid fatigability, frustration, backache, etc.

Allergic disease is another pest of modern age. People deal with the fact that their nature do not accept some kind of product, cosmetic, etc. Dust allergy is widespreaded. That’s why the bottom line in choice of sleeping accomodation are hypoallergic and anti bacterial material properties. Natural latex fully meets these requirements. Nature of the raw material does not provide the opportunity to dust mite and other insects existence.

The one more advantage of such material is its longevity. Latex does not lose its properties over time. Not all the families can afford to shift the mattresses and sofas often. It is too expensive. That is why the choice of furniture made from latex monolith, is logical and reasonable.

How to choose the latex monolith and where?

«TehNol group» company proposes to its customers mattresses latex monolith by retail and wholesale. Our company is engaged in sale of material and accessories for mattresses and lounge furniture production for a long time and with great success. We can offer the wide range of goods including latex monolith for mattresses and lounge furniture.

For receiving the highest comfort zoning concept is used Ц elasticity of each zone is calculated by particular body part loading. Supreme load is up to 120 kg. So, latex mattress corresponds the physiological requirements of comfortable and healthy sleep.

Dimensions of offered latex platforms are standardised and fit the beds size, presented on the domestic furniture market.