Roll-fed latex

Roll-fed latex by wholesale in “TehNol” company

If you want to buy quality filling compounds for orthopedic mattresses, consider the proposals of our company. In our catalogue there is wide range of such materials, in particular roll-fed latex by wholesale. You can purchase our goods by retail as well.

Roll-fed latex

Roll-fed latex makeup

Special characteristics of latex

Before ordering the filling compound for mattresses, it will be reasonable to get acquainted with its characteristic features. So then, with our company you can purchase natural origin roll-fed latex by wholesale in Moscow.

Material is found by extraction of hevea juice followed by scumming and integration with special components to reach the needed characteristics. Depending on additives composition, latex is going to divide into two types:

  • natural;
  • synthetical.

The ideal variant is the filling compound of Belgic production, in which the content of natural and chemical components is thus 20 % and 80 %. Additives influence on the characteristics of the filling compound directly: resistance to ultraviolet exploration, colour (from crystal to yellow-brown), smell etc.

Advantages of latex

There is a range of these material advantages, that’s why its popularity as a filling compound is high enough. We can highlight the main advantages:

  • Elasticity and tension. Due to right combination of these properties, material guarantees proper spine bone position during the sleeping period. Also, the material excellent takes the form of the body, providing equal distribution of loading. With that, mattress is going to present its original position with an even surface.
  • Excellent temperature-controlled properties. Porous structure creates sufficient ventilation and air exchange level. So, even in summer season, the rest on such a mattress will be comfortable enough.
  • Sensible stiffness. Roll-fed latex producers by wholesale conduct perforating process on the material surface, that’s why the density differs in different points of the material and customers can choose the variant that appropriate for them.
  • Long operating life. Mattresses and other accessories made with the usage of roll-fed latex have longtime operation life and serve during this period not losing their properties.

The only disadvantage of such material is sufficiently high price. As a comparison: purchase of mattress with 6 cm latex filling compound is matched with a purchase of medium – sized lounge. So, this material is not for economy-class goods production. At that, demand for products with such filling compound is stably high, because of material great characteristics and service life.

The benefits of roll-fed latex purchase in our company

We guarantee our customers:

  • great choice of filling compounds. There are natural and artificial latex with different metric characteristics. Assortment is extending all the time;
  • the opportunity to purchase our goods by wholesale and retail at acceptable price and take part in our campaign in order to get a discount;
  • quick supply services;
  • our team consulting support regarding all the questions.

For all the cooperation specifications and getting help on the subject of ordering options, please contact our experts in Moscow: +7 495 134 28 34, +7 495 505 4620.