Latex coconut fiber

Latex coconut fiber

“TehNol” company offers to purchase latex coconut fiber by wholesale for industrial purposes and by retail for common use. We present the excellent raw material that meets the highest requirements. That is why the finished product has high quality. Besides, latex coir by wholesale is for sale at a really favorable price in what you can assure, inquiring about our price schedule.

кокосовое волокно

Coconut fiber peculiarities

To share a common language between producers of the raw material and their customers, let’s try to understand what this material is like.
So then, coconut fiber (denomination of which is wide known as coir) has the form of material with sufficiently high degree of hardness. This property specifies demand for latex coir by wholesale among the memory foam mattresses producers. The finished product is appropriate for unsprung deck chair harness and is a perfect choice for people, suffering with locomotorium disease.

The main advantages of natural coir, apart from hardness degree, are:

  • provision of easy change of air;
  • rot proofing and bacterial resistance;
  • hypoallergenicity.

It would be reasonable to note that the process of extraction and cultivation of coir is difficult and intensive enough. There is a necessity to carry out a range of special procedures before usage of this material in mattress manufacture. As a result, the customer, who decides to purchase coconut coir by wholesale, gets dry raw material.

Transformation of coir in latex fiber.

Dry raw material is not available for mattresses bat, because in this case the finished product is going to have porous structure instead of stiff one. For filling compound derivation coir fibers are penetrated by natural latex. Thereby, the material obtains tension, elasticity, fault-toleranted and therefore long lived.

The process of raw material production and all the preparation measurements are expensive enough, that is why latex coconut coir by wholesale as well as finished product cost such a value, not cheap one. Please, pay a particular attention to the quality of the material if its price is sufficiently low.
How to choose the right mattress from latex coconut coir?

On buying such orthopedic product pay a particular attention to:

  • fiber colour — the filling compound with a high quality is going to be intense brown colour, and the material, which is failed to ripen, is going to have more light shade;
  • fibers binding method – fibers must be situated remotely, between them – latex coating; they should not be forced together;
  • thickness of filling compound – coir layer must not be over 1 cm, the rest of the layer are other filling components (for reversible mattress lining 3 cm bars are needed);
  • mattress fabric – for quality product manufacture producers prefer jacquard, knitted fabric, velour and other quality materials.

Do you want to purchase latex coconut fiber be wholesale? Wait for you at “TehNol” company.

Our offers for our customers:

  • great variety of filling compounds with excellent quality and other goods – you can buy Multipocket S1000 (spring-actuated mechanism), other fittings, pillows and many other things;
  • the opportunity to purchase our goods by wholesale and retail;
  • free provision of consulting services.

We have coir with the following characteristics:
100 kg/m2.

  • 200*140*1
  • 200*140*3
  • 200*160*1
  • 200*160*3
  • 200*180*1
  • 200*180*3

85 kg/m2.

  • 200*160*3
  • 200*180*3

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