Nonwoven materials

Nonwoven materials by wholesale and retail — quality, acceptable prices in «TehNol»

If you have the need to buy nonwoven materials, address to our company. In the catalogue there are wide range of high quality products, which you can purchase by wholesale or retail at acceptable price and even get a discount.

Peculiarities of nonwoven materials

Natural and synthetical textile fabrics, which was created without appliance of quality technology, are referred to nonwoven materials. Their production is more profitable than fabrics manufacturing, that’s why the price for nonwoven materials by wholesale and retail is essentially lower.

Sphere of application of such a product is wide enough. Textile fabrics are applied in such fields as:

  • furniture production (lining, chair covers, sofas and etc.);
  • orthopedic mattresses manufacturing (pocket creation on spring system, products’ close-fitting);
  • agriculture (handling of fastidious plants, providing protection from rugged environment);
  • dress-goods industry (manufacturing of one-use outfits).

In our company you can buy nonwoven materials from manufacturers, following all the production processes during the product manufacturing.

Kinds of nonwoven materials

In our catalogue you can purchase the following kinds of this product:

  • vellyutin represents triple material. Thanks to its peculiarities it is possible to fix fasteners, that is the result of its popularity for furniture covers making-up;
  • spunbond — nonwoven fabric for which the combination of hardness and small thickness is typically. It is wide used for seam strengthening, outfits for medical and food facilities making up, and mattresses production as well;
  • thermal fiber — if you decided to purchase coconut coir or other filling compound by wholesale, this material can be used as additional sealer in orthopedic mattress. Also, it is used for thermal isolation in cars;
  • fibertex refers to synthetical nonwoven fabrics. It is used for lining of furniture components, mattresses, and also during some of the construction works.

You can order each of these nonwoven materials right now. Their cost is acceptable enough as well as prices for furniture accessories, mattresses and other goods from our catalogue. Please, contact us for specification of business terms and conditions: +7 495 505-3072, +7 495 134-2834.