Memory Form foam

Memory Form foam — quality filling compound for mattresses with orthopedic effect

In the catalogue of «TehNol» company filling compounds used for orthopedic mattresses with different degrees of stiffness production are displayed. So, you can buy coconut fiber, order latex or choose one of the modern filling compounds — Memory Form foam.

Memory Form foam

Special aspects of material

Such foam is first appeared in 1970. Memory Form manufacturer — NASA organization. The experts of this organization created this material for gravity pressure reduction to astronauts body.

Nowadays Memory Form foam by wholesale and retail is purchased for being used as filling compound for mattresses and is made of viscoelastic urethane foam. This agent takes the form of body because of pressure and temperature of sleeping man and saves the form over extended periods (hence the name of the material, Ђmemoryї in translation from English Ђпам¤тьї).

So, we recommend you to buy Memory Form foam for mattresses with mean degree of stiffness production.

Advantages of such filling compound

To main advantages Memory Form foam we can refer the following:

  • Sensible ratio of elasticity, tension and viscosity. On the one hand, material has resistance to exerted pressure, that’s why the product made from this material has sufficiently high degree of stiffness. On the other hand, foam elasticity gives the opportunity to take comfortable body position. Material viscosity. Memory form guaranty.
  • Hypoallergenicity. Foam does not consist of agents which can provoke allergic reactions. Also the foam is not subject to bacterio attacks, mildew stain and etc.
  • Kinetic energy consumption. Mattress with such filling compound put down on the big bed is going to mask all the rolling over vibrations, sleeping men will not disturb each other.

You ca purchase this foam, binding ribbon for mattresses and many other things right now.
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