Pocket coil TFK

TFK pocket coil — comfort rest provision

Pocket coil TFK

In the process of mattress manufacturing it is highly important not only to choose the appropriate fabric and filling compound (for example, to order roll-fed latex by wholesale, foam or coconut coir), but also purchase the right springs. In our catalogue you will find goods from the leading manufacturers. Also, you will have the opportunity to buy TFK pocket coil by wholesale or retail.

Peculiarities of this product

Pocket coils from TFK manufacturer (Germany) are independent. Density index is 256 pieces for one square meter. Carbon steel wire with 1,6 mm diameter is material for spring production mm. Combination of material strength and small wire thickness — finished product elasticity quaranty.

Box consists of separate components so that springs do not make contact with each other. Externally, mattress is going to have the surface with separate independent areas. One unit springs keeping is provided by usage of the cover. Material for cover creation is spunbond, that is notable for its endurance and provision of sensible air exchange.

The power of orthopedic effect depends on the amount of springs was used. (the more springs for one squere meter, the higher effect is).

Advantages of TFK pocket coils

As the main plus points the following may be regarded:

  • Long service life. Springs are made of strong material which is slightly subject to wear or mechanic damages. Besides, because of nominal softness of these elements there is a reduction of filling compound loading. As a result, the operation life extends.
  • Efficiency. Pocket coil is adjusted to the forms and position of man’s body, providing comfort rest and equal load distibution.
  • Absence of noise. As far as all the springs represent the independent units, skirr or creaks appearance is excluded.

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