Pocket coils

Pocket coil: effective systems for mattresses and lounge furniture

One of the product category in "TehNol" company is pocket coils, Argo and TFK (Germany). These systems sre popular not only in mattresses production, but also in sofas and other lounge items manufacturing. In our company you can buy pocket coil for sofa by wholesale for production run or by retail.

Main advantages of pocket coils

In support of spring system purchasing there are such plus points as:

  • Longevity. Operation life of mentioned type is higher than working life of auxiliary one. High level of wear properties is achieved by quality materials usage, application of modern manufacturing technologies and special spring system mode as well. Such factors as trong steel, hard fixing of each component, presence of significant number of coil influence on reduction of spring deflection probability. Also, these factors affect to long operation life of the product.
  • High level of comfort and health benefit. It is a known fact that majority of modern occupations determine the passive mode of life. As a result, population suffer from different supporting - motor apparatus deseases. Pocket coils for lounge furniture and mattresses can provide with high comfort level, reduce spine loading, provide with high orthopedic effect. So, furniture products and other items, which made with the pocket coils usage, give you not only the comfort rest but also can solve the health problems (including disease prevention).
  • Safty for filling compound. If you target to buy roll-fed latex or other materials for furniture and orthopedic items production by wholesale, you may not be concerned about its entirety keeping. Pocket coils are put into special covers in such a way that they can not hurt the filling compound.

Types of pocket coils

In our catalogue there are such systems as:

  • TFK - quantity of springs for one square meter contains 256 pieces, steel wire diameter is 1,6 mm;
  • Multipocket S1000 - 550 springs for one square meter, wire thickness - 1,27 mm;
  • Multipocket S2000 - 1100 springs for one square meter, thickness - from 0,9 mm.

Besides, you can obtain other goods in our company: to buy boot covers by wholesale and retail, to order mattress and engineering fabrics, all kinds of filling compounds etc. Please, contact us for specification of business terms and conditions as well as for consultancy support: +7 495 134-2834, +7 495 505-4620.

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