Multipocket S1000 spring box

Multipocket S1000 by wholesale and retail — quality spring boxes in «TehNol» company

In our company you can obtain not only mattresses filling compounds, for example artificial latex by wholesale, but also spring boxes of excellent quality. Displayed type perfectly fits for provision of comfort rest. You can buy Multipocket S1000 in Moscow at the price, fixed at sensible level.

Peculiarities of this product type

Spring boxes of this model are referred to pocket type units and apply to quality «lux» mattresses production. To buy  упить S1000 spring box from world known german manufacturer Argo — it means to provide comfort rest and entire relaxation.

Quantity of springs — 550 pieces for one squere meter of product item. Steel wire thickness for each of them — is 1,27 mm. Total spring diameter — 40 mm, and totally height of box is 130 mm.

As far as S1000 refer to boxes of independent type, components of which are closed by special covers, filling compound is not subject to damage. You can buy Bio-coconut by wholesale or more expensive material, not concerning about its safety.

Advantages of Multipocket S1000 spring boxes

Popularity of such pocket coils’ usage is explained by the range of its advantages. Among them are the following:

  • Longevity. The use of quality materials and modern technologies gives producer the opportunity to release serious products which have high operation life. According to official data, working life of spring box is up from 20 years.
  • Efficiency. S1000 generates the excellent orthopedic effect: system can form the body’s shape, ensuring its right position and proper rest.
  • Quietness. Independent springs do not make contact with each other, that’s why the probability of clang occurrence is excluded.

Of course, the price for product items equipped with such boxes is higher than its analogues without spring boxes, but, you will never feel sorry, having purchased it. Please contact us for getting all the consultations and ordering: +7 495 134-2834, +7 495 505-4620.