Multipocket S2000 spring box

Пружинный блок Multipocket S2000

Multipocket S2000 by wholesale and retail: german quality at acceptable price

One of the company activity area is spring boxes sale Multipocket S2000 by wholesale and retail. This product is widely used for mattresses and furniture manufacturing. If you have already bought latex coconut coir or other kind of filling compound, it is time to choose an appropriate spring box for creation of the product with high orthopedic effect.

Peculiarities of S2000

The main peculiarity of S2000 pocket coils is 1100 springs for one square meter. They do not have analogues in design and efficiency.

Material for springs production is solid steel wire with 0,9 mm thickness. Quality of coils made — 12. Total spring diameter — 26 mm, and the height of the box — 130 mm.

The manufacturer of this product is world known company Argo. This company has great amount of patents on different spring boxes, including the one presented in our catalogue’s section.

Advantages of S2000 spring boxes

As the main plus points the following may be regarded:

  • Longevity. Systems have long operation life. They may carry sufficient load and serves without loss of their characteristics more than 20 years.
  • High orthopedic effect. It is provided by great amount of springs. Mattress with such spring boxes inside can perfectly take the form of man’s body, supporting spine in a right position. This point is especially essential for those who suffer from supporting-motor apparatus diseases.
  • Safeguarding of filling compound. Each box is put in special cover made of spunbond, that’s why springs do not hurt the material of the filling compound. You can obtain engineering fabrics by wholesale and retail for pocket making-up.

The price of the product is established at sensible level. If you want to get consultation and buy the Multipocket S2000 spring box in Moscow , please, contact us: +7 495 134-2834, +7 495 505-4620.