One-use uniforms

One-use uniforms from manufacturer by wholesale and retail: «TehNol» company offers

You can obtain one-use uniforms of high quality when addressed to our company. Besides, you have an opportunity to buy spunbond by wholesale and retail — material that is widely used for such products manufacturing.

Application field of one-use uniforms

Products made from nonwoven materials — mainly spunbond and polyethylen — are widely practised in different spheres of human activity. So, this products are irreplaceable in such fields as:

  • medicine — this uniform is necessary for staff of medical care units as well as for off-site visitors. In our company you can purchase «Casper» gowns by wholesale, hair covers, special boots covers etc.;
  • food facility — on such enterprises conditions to health work observation are set. You can come to our company for providing the staff with necessary clothes. To buy «Charlotte» caps by wholesale, special suits and other goods;
  • car industry — uniforms used in this sphere provide protection against dangerous influence of paint and coatings componenents and keep the clothes clean.

Also the usage of one-use uniforms is recommended when working on repair sites. You can purchase surgical boots by wholesale, suits and other goods by retail and buy finished sets.

Advantages of goods presented in the catalogue

We should notice some of the advantages of clothes offered our customers:

  • high quality — products are made from materials which are not subjected to mechanic damages. These materials provide appropriate protection level and meet norms and requirements;
  • comfort — use of uniforms does not trouble because clothes guarantee appropriate air exchange. According to its properties it is close to natural products;
  • aesthetic qualities — one-use uniform is notable for its style forethought and appearance.

Why is it good idea to cooperate with us?

«TehNol» company customers get the following opportunities:

  • to order the wide range of products in one place — alongside with one-use clothes there are also fabrics for such clothes manufacturing, materials for mattresses production, orthopedic pillows by wholesale and retail and many other things;
  • to participate in campaign and get a discount for good purchasing;
  • to make use of delivery services across Russia.

Please, do not hesitate to call our managers if you need consultancy support or want to ask about the price schedule: +7 495 505-3072, +7 495 134-2834.