• mattress fabric

    TehNol — is faithful supplier of materials and accessories for lounge furniture and mattresses production

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    TehNol — is faithful supplier of materials and accessories for lounge furniture and mattresses production

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  • mattress fabrics by wholesale

    Mattress fabrics: you have a great choice here!

    In our company you can purchase mattress fabrics by wholesale and retail. We propose natural, synthetical and mixed materials: knitted fabric, jacquard, velour. Their common advantages are high quality, longevity and aesthetic qualities. We thoroughly prepare to offers generation and that’s why we exercise input control over products.
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    Fillers for mattresses wholesale

  • Filling compounds for mattresses: proposals which meet your every need

    If you decide to be engaged in production of premium class goods for sleep and rest you should purchase coconut coir by wholesale. This type of filling compound is absolutely natural and has an excellent operation life alongside with high orthopedic effect. Such advantages as ecological compatibility, ventilation, incorruptibility define the relevance of our proposals to buy coconut coir for those who are engaged in kid’s mattresses release. Roll-fed latex by wholesale is going to suit for the same purpose.


  • Nonwoven materials: technical canvases for furniture and mattresses

    You can purchase nonwoven materials of high quality in our company. They are made according to modern technologies and their peculiarity is absence of weaving. For those who are engaged in furniture covering production it is worth purchasing vellyutin by wholesale: stickers can be fixed to the material and its external attraction is not placed in question. For lining creation and seams strengthening fibertex, spunbond and thermal fiber are going to be appropriate. Choose things you need.

    Technical wholesale fabrics

  • Our advantages

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    • wide range of goods;
    • high quality of products certified;
    • best value without agent’s charges;
    • flexible discount system;
    • promptness of order shipment and delivery;
    • qualified consultancy support.
  • Goods for furniture production

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    • independent spring blocks;
    • furniture fittings and accessories;
    • engineering fabrics (the possibility of logotype application);
    • nonwoven materials (spunbond, fibertex, thermal fiber, vellyutin).
  • Goods for mattresses production

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    • mattress fabrics (jacquard, knitted fabric, velour, polycotton);/li>
    • mattress fittings (handles, binding tape, vent valves);
    • filling compounds (natural and synthetical materials);
    • independent spring blocks.

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