Spunbond by wholesale and retail: accostable prices in "TehNol" company

If you need to buy spunbond in Moscow, look through offers of our company. Quality material with acceptable price is presented in our assortment. You can purchase spunbond from manufacturer, which practises modern technologies, as well as you can buy special fabrics, including fibre felt by wholesale.

Peculiarities of spunbond

Prior to buying spunbond by wholesale, we highly recommend you to get acquainted with its main peculiarities. So, this material is nonwoven and is basically used in engineering purposes. It is manufactured by means of polymer substance melting method application and its further fastening by applying of high temperatures.

In the assortment of our company there is nonwoven material with the following characteristics:


Density index g/m2 Makeup peculiarities Width of canvas m Length of lap m
17 100% polypropylene   1000
40 100% polypropylene 1,60 m 500
60 100% polypropylene 2,10 m 400
80 100% polypropylene   400
100 100% polypropylene   300

You can choose appropriate kind of material according to your practical.

Spunbond application field

This material is desirable because of its unique character. Application field of this material is wide, but often buyers decide to buy spunbond for furniture. Besides, owners of enterprises, engaging in different fields are interested in this material are interested in this material. These fields are:

  • manufacturing of leather products (is applied as material providing seams strengthening);
  • medicine (one-use clothes production: bathrobes, caps, face masks, surgical boots);
  • dress-goods industry (mattresses manufacturing, spring boxes covers, pillows coating);
  • agriculture (fastidious plants protection from negative impact of the environment).

Universality is not the only reason of spunbond popularity. High demand for this material can be attributed to the range of material's advantages.

Plus points of spinbond

The main advantages of the material are:

  • Combination of small density and high strength. Due to this, material provides sufficient air exchange, that is of prime importance in medical goods production, in manufacturing of sleeping accessories and also for handling of plants. Also this material can get through prominent tensile strength, so the operation life is reckoned in years.
  • Simplicity of processing. The weight of special fabric is small. Because of small weight the different products manufacturing process is sufficiently easier. Material is nonwoven, that's why its fibres do not come apart. Edges and sections of clothes do not require difficult working. Tailored parts can be assembled and bonded, creating any picture on the surface.
  • Resistance to negative impact. Spunbond is small tender to temperature variation. It does not lose its characteristics even upon contact of acids and alkalies.
  • Ecological compatibility. There are no dangerous substances on the material surface (in normal conditions as well as when heated). It gives the opportunity of material application practically in all spheres.
  • Acceptable price of spunbond by wholesale and retail. The cost of this fbric is lower than its analogues price. It affords to reduce the running costs.

If you are interested in spunbond, fibre felt or vellyutin by wholesale, please, contact us: +7 495 505-3072, +7 495 134-2834.

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