Engineering fabrics

Engineering fabrics by wholesale and retail in Moscow - proposals of "TehNol" company

Our company - is the very place you can buy engineering fabrics by wholesale and retail on favourable terms from manufacturer from Italy. In the process of these materials manufacturing advance technologies are applied. Also all the operational product requirements are considered so it ensures its longevity and safety.

Peculiarities of modern engineering fabrics and their application

Engineering fabrics which are widly presented in our catalogue are made of synthetical and natural fibers as well. They are nonwoven and it is their identity.

The process of such material manufacturing is with the use of special effective equipment. With the help of this facility it may be possible to optimize work operations and reduce material's prime cost. So,it is possible to buy vellyutin or other engineering fabric by wholesale and retail at acceptable prices.

The high tensile figure, reliability and long operation life are distinctive for such a material. All of these factors are specified the high demand for the product.

As far as chemical properties of engineering fabrics are concerned, they are particular for each kind and depend on raw material used and peculiarities of industrial processes.

The application area of nonwoven materials is wide enough. Most of all it is used in furniture production as well as in agriculture and building fields.

Kinds of engineering fabrics

In our company you can purchase engineering fabrics of the following types by wholesale:

  • vellyutin - necessary for making-up of portable covers for armchairs, sofas and other furniture;
  • spunbond - interlayer between filling compound and furnishing fabric;
  • thermal fiber - is applied for internal mattresses components protection against damages by spring systems;
  • fibertex - is used for covering of concealed furniture elements.

In any case - for fibertex , texture or other materials' purchasing - the experts of "TehNol" company provide you with qualified support. You can contact them regarding the information about the properties and peculiarities of the materials. Also, you can get any information concerning ordering, as well as price schedule receiving. The information is given with the help of phone and e-mail. Please, call us: +7 495 505-3072, +7 495 134-2834.

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