Thermal fiber

Thermal fiber (engineering fibre felt) by wholesale and retail - special fabric from «TehNol» manufacturer

For those who plans to buy engineering fibre felt in Moscow, it is worth to consider our company's proposals. We are engaged in goods sale, which produced while meeting all technologies. Raw material is purchased by reliable and well-tried suppliers. So, you can order quality engineering fibre felt at a price, established at ideal level.

Peculiarities of thermal fiber

If you want to buy fibre felt by wholesale, is is going to be reasonable to get acquainted with its peculiarities. This kind of special fabric is represented as nonwoven canvas, that is created by means of natural cotton fibres, polypropylene, acryl and wool usage. Components are gone through thermal processing and presing.

We produce thermal fiber with the following characteristics:

  • canvas width - 2100 mm;
  • length of roll - 25 m;
  • makeup - cotton (10%), polypropylene (40%), acryl (30%), wool (20%).

Main characteristics and data are in table.

Material characteristics
Product item Makeup Density
Roll length
1 Category А 20 % polypropylene
80 % cotton
500 2100 25
2 Category В 20 % polypropylene
80 % cotton
600 2100 25
3 Category D 20 % polypropylene
80 % cotton
700 2100 25
4 Category Е 20 % polypropylene
80 % cotton
1500 2100 15

Field of thermal fiber application

To whom is it necessary to place an ad « about thermal fibre felt buying»? First of all, to the experts engaging is such spheres as:

  • Furniture industry. Material is used as hard trumpet, that when combined with spring boxes affords to produce reliable and convenient furnitur and orthopedic mattresses as well. Besides, this material is applied for inner furniture components coating (for this purposes you can buy fibretex by wholesale).
  • Automobile industry. In this case thermal fibre felt is necessary for cars warmth-keeping and for comfort creation due to sound proofing properties of this materialа.

We do not recommend to conclude purchases by private parties, relying on advertisements found. The right choice is to purchase special fabric in our company, where all the manufacturing technologies are maintained.

Advantages of engineering fibre felt

The main advantages are:

  • high thermal and sound-proofing properties, which were estimated by furniture and mattresses manufacturers as well as by auto industry experts;
  • longevity. Material's longevity is provided by demensional stability of fibre felt and wear resistance property, that guarantees high operating life of products, produced with the usage of this material;
  • safety. It constitutes in ecological compatibility of the material, its low smoldering capability, and myco and pathogenic germs resistance as well.

You need to purchase thermal fiber? Get in contact with «TehNol» company

We guarantee our customers:

  • high quality of the material - fibre felt is produced by modern production capacity. Acceptance test of raw material and each step of production is applied;
  • efficiency in order fulfillment - existance of well-formed technical staff is the foundation that we are able to produce any volume of fibre felt lot within short timeframes, including large wholesale order;
  • acceptable prices - our company is represented as direct manufacturer of products, that gives an opportunity to establish the best value;
  • consultancy support - you can contact us regarding the fibre felt with special characteristics selection and with the purpose of order making process clarification.

Please, contact our managers for specification of business terms and conditions and price schedule request: +7 495 505-3072, +7 495 134-2834.

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