Vellyutin by wholesale and retail - quality engineering material in "TehNol" company

In our company you can buy vellyutin by wholesale from manufacturer from Italy. This material is very popular not only by private party who want to renovate the furniture but also among major companies, which are engaged in home and office furniture production.

Peculiarities of vellyutin

This material represents nonwoven fabric, consisting of three layers:

  • upper (knitted fabric with pile surface) - is nylon, and thanks to it material does not lose its gearing properties during the long operation process;
  • basis (foam) - its thickness - 3 mm, sufficient enough for provision of softness and elasticity of vellyutin;
  • lower (engineering fabric-spunbond) - density index is 30 g/m2.

Junction of these layers together is provided by appliance of burn method. Because of this technology all the materials firmly connect together. As a result, the canvas, for which crush or fibering is not typical, is created.

Application area of vellyutin

The necessity of buying vellyutin in Moscow and beyond is firstly appeared by enterprises, which are engaged in lounge furniture production. Mostly, material is used as lining or as basis for making-up of armchairs covers, sofas and chairs covers.

Besides, vellyutin is often used for ornemental pillowcases production. It is one of the indoor environment attribute, its bright emphasis.

Advantages of vellyutin

The main advantages which makes it so popular, are the following:

  • Excellent operation characteristics. Vellyutin has high wear resistance and keeps its original appearance for a long period of time. It does not require special treatment in the process of clearing the furniture covers and other goods made of it. Due to high density engineering fabrics from manufacturer (spunbond) the goods' linear dimensions are preserved, and the tensile properties are increased.
  • Decorative effect. Vellyutin is beautiful indeed. This material is represented by wide colour range, that help to create any of designer's ideas. Its surface can be flat or relief. Everything depends on buyer's wishes. Using vellyutin and having bought TFK pocket coil by wholesale or retail, you can get convenient and favoured furniture.
  • Ease of use. Covers, made of vellyutin, is easily equipped with fasteners and perfectly take the form of furniture, that makes the process of manufacturing easy and convenient.

Variety of proposals from "TehNol" company

In our company you can order material with different characteristics.

Material characteristics
Product item Makeup Colour range Thickness
width mm Length of roll

Tripled material: upper layer - pile knitted fabric (100% nylon), basis - foam, lower layer spunbond (30 gr./m2) Grey, beige, light beige, ginger, black 3 mm 1500 100
Vellyutin with logo With the logo of your enterprise! any 3 mm 1500 100

Price for vellyutin is established at sensible level. Please, contact our managers to get to know our prices: +7 495 134-2834, +7 495 505-4620.

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