Bound ribbon

Bound ribbon from manufacturer: fittings for furniture and mattresses in «TehNol»

Bound ribbon for furniture by wholesale and retail представлеis represented in the catalogue of our company. This fitting is widely practised not only in furniture industry but also in the sphere of sleeping accessories production, including orthopedic mattresses production. Right now you can order bound ribbon in Moscow at the price, established at sensible level.

Peculiarities of bound ribbon and its application

This mattress fitting in Moscow, which is widely known as "bound lacing", is used for seams processing and design. Due to application of this ribbon, manufacturers form the finished and aesthetic product appearance and provide with additional strength: tensile seams strength index when used such lacing is sufficiently increases.

You can buy bound ribbon for mattresses or differnet kinds of furniture. For treatment of internal seams standard fittings can be applied. External joints can be decorated with the help of ornamental bound ribbon made of atlas or other glossy material.

Color range is widely enough. In our catalogue there are fittings of pastel color as well as bright shades.

As far as width of fabric is concerned, it is within from 3 to 5 cm. The choice of the product in accordance with this parameter mainly depends on seam thickness.

Ribbon for treatment and decoration of seams: our proposals

There is bound ribbon width index of which is from 30 to 42 cm. It is made of synthetical materials - polyester and polypropylene in 80/20 percentage correlation accordingly. Wide range of colors:

  • pastel - white, beige;
  • dark shades - blue, grey, brown;
  • bright shades - dark red, yellow, green.

In one coil - 100 m of lacing.

In the catalogue of "TehNol" company apart from mattress fittings you can also choose fabrics, spring boxes, memory form pillows by wholesale and retail. Please, contact our staff if you need consultation: +7 495 505-3072, +7 495 134-2834.

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