Waterproof mattress fabric (Aquastop)

Waterproof (rain wear) fabric for mattresses

Mattress is one of essential accessories in our daily life. It is common for everyone to devote considerable time to sleep. Practically always for these aims every person uses mattress. Considering the fact that mattress is constantly subject to physical impact, and, also, may be the “victim” of spilled liquid on it, it is highly recommended to use an appropriate protect for it. It can be waterproof fabric (Aquastop), which protects mattress from water and essentially reduces mattress wear.

You can purchase waterproof fabric in many stores, but unfortunately not all the materials presented on the counters have waterproof effect. During tests it turns out that announced fabric may put certain amount of water inside the product. In fact, it means the beginning of mustiness process and bacteria generation in the mattress filling compound. Further it may have a harmful impact to man’s health. On the contrary another waterproof fabric copes with the tasks perfectly, but, all of above mentioned are achieved by uncomfortable sleep on such a covering because it is inadaptable to skin contact. So, the question is how to purchase waterproof fabric which will be perfectly cope with all of its functions and will be safety enough for our skin.

Reasons for “Aquastop” fabric purchase

Corresponding material already exists and we present it for sale. Aquastop fabric has no analogues against its characteristics. Made on the basis of innovating technologies this fabric possesses excellent waterproof properties and is able to protect any mattress from elevated level of humidity. Besides, the protection from mud and other factors, reducing the operation life of mattress and relevant requirements level for healthy sleep is proved.

The special makeup of such fabric not only protects mattress from water and other factors, but also givet it the opportunity to “exhale” – so, foul smells will not be accumulated in it. As a result the operation life of the product essentially increases, preserving its original properties. Such waterproof fabric have density of 1200 gr./m2 and consists of cotton by 30 % and of polyester by 70 %. Such combination and rate of density is sensible.

It is recommended to purchase waterproof “Aquastop” fabric

Waterproof “Aquastop” fabric is offered to wholesale and retail customers. Purchased in our company waterproof fabric is supposed to avoid any of allergic responses, to provide person with good sleep and have a positive impact on aesthetic side of the material. Waterproof mattress fabric is a guaranty of good health and longevity of a mattress. The perfect balance of price and quality makes it available for all consumers’ strata and for organizations as well. Choose the best for you and your business with “TehNol” company.

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