100% polyester fabric

100% polyester fabric

“TehNol” company offers supply of high quality 100 % polyester by wholesale and retail for all the enterprises engaged in making up of mattresses and its accessories. This material is like modern synthetical fabric. It is made on the basis of polyether fiber. The canvas is defined by high wear-resisting property and simulates the handle of natural textile. It guaranties the high quality of finished product.

100% polyester. Primary benefits

Products, made from 100 % polyester fiber, possess a range of remarkable benefits, due to synthetical origin of this fiber:

  • substantially crush resistant and can excellent keep defined shape;
  • unaffected to black light and other atmospheric phenomenon influence;
  • chemical and organic solvents resistant;
  • do not strain and shrink;
  • dry quickly after wet processing;
  • possess mud and water – repellent properties;
  • do not require specific activities on attention.

In spite of its high strength, 100 % polyester fabric is notable for special lightness as well as it is very pleasant upon tactile contact. Visually, the material is slight resembling wool and by its softness reminds cotton. Products from this kind of fabric serve for many years, keeping the external freshness and original color.

Polyester fabric – useful and aesthetic components

Great performance properties of polyester make the material irreplaceable in mattresses and mattress topper production. Even when the mattress is constantly and intense in use, it will never ravel. At length this synthetic fabric is going to protect any of filling agent against pollution and hold it inside well, keeping the original bed shape.

100 % polyester fabric is able to carry over manual and machine wash in cool water (till 40 °C), not losing its strength and original state. As a rule, this fabric does not require ironing. Therefore, mattress cases made from this type of material is allowed to wash in machine without a risk of defect precipitation, however, it is advisable, to choose the special mode for synthetic fabric. Along with this, it is prohibited to bleach the material and it is necessary to wash it only with light clothes. As far as ironing is concerned, it is highly recommended that iron is set in the mode “minimum” and is slightly heated.

The fabric has no interest for moth; it is no positive environment for dust mite and harmful bacterios, and this material is non-sensitizing. It will be reasonable to note, that 100 % polyester is defined by high air-retention capacity, providing a bed with venting. Besides, the fabric has an excellent cooling effect that is more appreciated in hot season.

Nowadays, to buy 100 % polyester fabric is well solved problem. We offer you a great variety, excellent and splendid collection of this mattress fabric type at acceptable prices. See for yourself!

To buy polyester by wholesale is not a problem

As it was mentioned above, “TehNol” company has the large set of 100 % polyester with diverse design and contemporary coloring. Simulative assortment of fabrics is constantly keeping up to date. Most of the actual products from polyester you can see on the photos, placed on the site of our company.

We guaranty the high quality of our goods, collaborating only with the faithful foreign and domestic producers. Besides, our customers receive:

  • the opportunity to reserve fabrics customized;
  • quick supply of the bought product;
  • acceptable prices for polyester and other materials;
  • flexible price policy;
  • convenient payment method.

In order to buy polyester fabric or take opinion regarding the questions that has appeared, please contact us with the help of feedback, represented on our site or call any pointed phone number.

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