Mattress valves

Mattress valves by wholesale and retail - quality fittings in «TehNol» company

If you want to buy mattress valves in Moscow, come to our company. High quality goods by wholesale as well as by retail will be offered to you at reasonable price. There are mattress valves from manufacturers, specialising in modern durable fittings production.

For what purposes mattress valves are needed?

The fittings for mattresses is used for mattresses of lux and premium catagories of goods. The intended purpose of this product? Design of placketings, which are placed on the sides of mattresses. Their aim is to provide air circulation. Also these goods are known as «aerator» or «clip».

Due to existance of such valves moisture accumulation is absent inside the mattress. This is the main aspect of not only the product life but also comfortable rest with its usage. If you decided to buy TFK spring box and quality filling compound for orthopedic mattresses production, it would be reasonable to order such fittings as aerators.

Peculiarities of mattresses valves

This kind of fittings consists of two parts:

  • clips;
  • fastening.

In most cases product components are made of white or yellow iron, plastic of pastel shades. There are models with combination of these materials.

Considering the fact that dimension of vent placketing is 1-3 cm at average, diameter of mattress valves by wholesale and retail is within 2 and 5 cm.

The surface of fastening unit can be smooth or dimpled. Also it can be decorated by means of printing on it (generally geometrical patterns).

Do you need to buy mattress valves in Moscow? We look forward to seeing you in «TehNol» company

We have offered our customers:

  • wide choice of goods - you can not only order fittings, but also you can buy Multipocket S2000 in Moscow and other product for mattresses production;
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