Jacquard cotton (Standard)

Jacquard fabric by wholesale and retail: wide assortment of materials in “TehNol”

In the catalogue of our company you can choose, and then to purchase jacquard by wholesale and retail. Such woven material is notable for its high quality, wear-resisting property and appealing appearance. All of this defines the fabric demand in different spheres of life. Depending on the necessity you can choose between natural and synthetical fabric by wholesale and retail.

The peculiarities of such material

Jacquard fabric is referred to nonwoven type of the material. One of the characteristic features of nonwoven material is distinct texture warp wise. Because of this, there are complicated drawings on the surface which create an external beauty. By means of fibers colouring you can achieve the additional decorative effects. Jacquard machine is a special tool which is used for obtaining complicated raised pattern, consisting of hundreds fibers. The drawing is formed from separate fibers. As a result, you can turn into reality any of designer’s ideas, including portrait drawing and other paintings.

One more manufacturing speciality which is applied to the process of jacquard fabric creation is specific loops twist. This technology is oriented to provision of high material rupture strength, abrasion resistance, wear-resistance that altogether define long period of operation life of products made of jacquard fabric.

Sphere of jacquard fabric application

Due to its excellent properties and aesthetic qualities jacquard fabric gains widespread currency. It is used in the process of production:

  • bed sheets – the material is pleasant by touch and practically crush resistant. That’s why it is used for different bed accessories production, including as mattress fabric by wholesale and retail.
  • clothes – mainly fabric is used for home dresses creation, including men’s and women’s bath robes.
  • interior textile – bedcovers and window blinds, pillow covering and tablecloths – all of these products can be stitched from jacquard fabric. It is going to be the perfect decoration, especially if your home site is executed in classical style.

Jacquard fabric: different categories

Sufficiently great amount of materials fall into the category of jacquard fabric, but all of them differ from each other in various characteristics. For easy choice of one kind of canvas or another jacquard can be ranged into classes under the characteristics:

  • content;
  • density;
  • method of colouring.

Depending on content peculiarities fabrics are divided into natural, synthetical and mixed jacquard. Certainly, the first one is the most expensive because they have a range of undeniable advantages among which ecological cleanliness, hypoallergenicity and pleasant tactile perception may be noted. Such material is used for bed sheets and mattresses production of premium class.

The main component of synthetical material are polymers, typically – polyester and polypropylene. In spite of its artificial origin, such canvases are pleasant by touch and have high operation life. Besides, you can offer synthetical jacquard fabric of lux class in our company. For its creation the same fibers are used, although the quality of material embossing is higher, the structure is more interesting, the appearance is more attractive.

Mixed jacquard fabrics are made from cotton fibers combined with nonwoven fibers. The signature feature of the material is improved hardness indexes. Herewith the price of such fabric is lower than the price of its natural analogues.

As far as density is concerned, alongside with common type double jacquards by wholesale and retail are very popular. They are created by means of tight interweaving that positively affects to material strength and its longevity. Also, it gives the opportunity to obtain more attractive drawing (more often geometric, floral or avant-gard print). The fabric is mainly used for furniture and bed covers fabrication.

Jacquard fabrics are grouped according to such characteristic as method of fibers colouring. In fact, there are a great variety of methods of making a special tune to canvas, however, the most popular among them are:

  • preliminary colouring of fibers – so, the material is created from previously prepared fibers of needed colour;
  • thermal printing – the application of colour and picture is carrying over on the fabricated material;
  • lop-sided colouring – as far as fabric has relief and also is made from fibers with different grade of colouring, it may be the opportunity to receive unusual material for realization of unique designer’s ideas.

Advantages of cooperation with our company

We have created the most convenient and mutual agreed conditions of cooperation. We guarantee our customers:

  • wide assortment of goods – you can purchase mattress fabrics, fittings, Bi-coconut, other filling compounds, springing blocks;
  • acceptable prices – comparative costs and discount system;
  • delivery – order can be supplied in any location of Russia.

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